Live drawing to convey ideas and thoughts with the certainty that they fully reach the audience, in an effective, simple and friendly way that keeps the participants immersed in the event. Descubre lo que el visual thinking presencial y online, puede hacer por tu evento.


What does graphic recording mean?

Las notas visuales son dibujos creados en tiempo real con palabras y dibujos sencillos, virtualmente o en persona. Contar con un visual thinker o graphic recorder significa que dibujamos en vivo lo que se está diciendo en tu evento, reunión o workshop. El resultado es un resumen visual de los puntos clave del debate.

What is the purpose of hiring a live visual thinker?

Some keys about how visual thinking can contribute in person and online. Visual notes or records are excellent for:

To Engage

ngaging event and webinar attendees


To align objectives, develop and strategise, and focus the participants

To involve

Promoting attention and participation
whether from conference attendees or employees at a meeting


Making branding and content exciting and memorable

Communicate ensuring that your ideas and thoughts reach your audience completely, and the message remains in their memory.

your events and meetings: an unforgettable experience

Onsite Graphic recording

Live graphic recording, live scribing, or sketch noting, means that we attend your meeting, event, conference, workshop... and we develop in real time an illustration that reflects the topics discussed and the relationships between them.

This illustration can be a mural, or a hybrid: digital, projected on a screen or streamed. It can also be broadcast a posteriori.

Attendees are involved, their understanding is activated, debate is encouraged. It makes a difference.

Online - Remote - Graphic recording

This visual notes service can also be done virtually. We use the graphics tablet to broadcast the drawing on the screens of the attendees, we can share it throughout the event or at the times you decide. You are in control.

Attendees remain attentive and the concepts are defined. The final illustration can be shared with them and used in social media and documents.


We draw the speakers' conversations live in an illustration that can be wall-mounted, digital, or even projected onto a large screen. We illustrate what is happening and the unique and special atmosphere of your event.


Send the illustration to the attendees as a summary and memory, and to the speakers as thanks. Use it for dissemination in social networks reaching an even larger audience, media and for the dissemination of future calls.


The human touch, the spark of color, that differentiates your event transforming it into a unique and unrepeatable moment. Who prefers live music?

communicate with impact

Using face-to-face and online Visual Thinking in your meetings

Discover how illustrations convey your ideas

To disseminate any speech in a simple and attractive way through the visual registration of it, using simple and friendly drawings, favoring the assimilation and permanence of the message and the fundamental ideas.

We capture the message

We carefully analyze the global situation and the information to be disseminated by extracting the key concepts

We synthesize the ideas

We hierarchize and simplify information by choosing the main messages and concepts

Involvement of attendees

We favor public attention and debate on the issues discussed

Ideas that remain forever

We create an ex profeso document for each situation, to be disseminated and shared with attendees and social networks


Al contar con Marina Marisma como ilustradora (ilustrador) en tiempo real en tu evento, reunión, ponencia o conferencia, te acompañaré durante todo el proceso. 

Before the meeting

We will hold the necessary conversations or meetings according to the characteristics of the project so that no detail is left unaddressed, to ensure that the experience has the quality that your event deserves.

During the meeting

The most important delivery is Marina Marisma's own presence at your event, whether in the flesh, virtually, or in a hybrid format. Not only do we draw, but it is our ability to listen and our ability to synthesise that makes the difference.

After the meeting

Our relationship does not end at the event.
If the illustration has been created in mural format, you will keep it for your offices or clients. If it has been done in digital format, you will receive it in high resolution, to disseminate it among attendees, speakers, social networks or print it. We will also provide an accelerated time recording of the drawing process.



You have impacted a lot with your work, I think it's GREAT. It is simply outstanding! I've looked at the illustration in detail and I love it, it's super smart how you summarize the main ideas of the presentation!

Jorge Ponce Dawson
Arquitect. Main Board Director at Broadway Malyan