Graphic Facilitation

Communicate ensuring that your ideas and thoughts reach your audience completely, and the message remains in their memory.

Any concept, however complex, can be communicated thanks to the use of simple drawings, since we favor the understanding and connection of ideas.

We capture the message

We carefully analyze the global situation and the information to be disseminated by extracting the key concepts

We synthesize the ideas

We hierarchize and simplify information by choosing the main messages and concepts

Involvement of attendees

We favor public attention and debate on the issues discussed

Ideas that remain forever

We create an ex profeso document for each situation, to be disseminated and shared with attendees and social networks


You have impacted a lot with your work, I think it's GREAT. It is simply outstanding! I've looked at the illustration in detail and I love it, it's super smart how you summarize the main ideas of the presentation!

Jorge Ponce Dawson
Arquitect. Main Board Director at Broadway Malyan

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