Illustrating lives. Giving away emotions

M used to live in South Africa, idyllic, but far from A. She is from a small town in Albacete (Spain).

He likes to write with a typewriter, and she loves sewing. Their common passion is indie music and travel to unforgettable places, such as Greenland, where they saw the northern lights.

They toured Italy by driving a yellow Fiat cinquecento. During this trip, they decided to get married and be never separated again. They used a photo of the car for the wedding invitation.

As a gift for their wedding they have received this illustration, where the details of their history are identified and many others that only they and the closest ones can decipher..

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Creativity is carried out by Marina Marisma, who will reflect the information in an exclusive image that is like a dream, unique and representative of each story and each person.


The original gift for someone very special. The ideal collective gift to be always reminded. The original design to surprise..


I am crying mucus lying at work. WONDERFUL! How
have you managed to capture SO MUCH in so little space? THANKS

Nuria Ruiz
A lawyer

Unlimited possibilities

Ask us about the different sizes and options. You can use the image for a vinyl, photocall or for invitations. Your imagination marks the limits!


How can you capture the essence of people so well?

Sara Calvo
Math graduate


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You can use this digital illustration not only as decoration, but as a profile picture in social networks, or to personalize everything you can think of: documents, fabrics...


The special magic of paper drawing


For those who prefer the unique and originalwork. Without comparison. A hand drawing whose style is between the comic and realism.

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Tell us your story and complement with photographs and descriptive details that you consider necessary: places, dates, hobbies...


Let yourself be surprised and surprise with the perfect original gift for someone very special. Marina Marisma will create a scene in watercolor paper in which the places and people we choose are present, even if they have already left us...

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