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Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions, but do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any more questions and we will help you solve it.

If you liked any of the images you have seen on the web, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will advise you on which illustration or service best suits your needs. If you want an illustration for your magazine, publication, book, web, tell us your idea and we will be happy to help you.

You must provide all the information you consider appropriate: places, dates, trips, hobbies, anecdotes, as well as quality photographs in which people and pets that will appear in the illustration are appreciated.

As a rule, the personalized illustration will be made in A3 format, and the graduation illustrations will be made in 48 cm x 32 cm format, printed on high-weight and high quality coated paper. If you want a different size, the customer must specify it beforehand.

The format of portraits and other illustrations will be previously agreed with the client. In example, if you want to order a photocall there is no problem because we can provide any size you may want.

The illustration will be sent first in printed format properly packaged so that it does not suffer damage. Then, once the client confirms their physical reception, it will also be sent in digital format, since from Marina Marisma we consider the moment of reception of the work as the most special moment of the process.

However, in the case of the graduation illustrations, the illustration will be sent first in digital format, and once confirmed that the spelling is correct, the requested number of copies will be printed and sent.

None of the illustrations or shipments include frame.

The approach of the scene will be entirely borne by Marina Marisma, with the client being able to make suggestions before starting work.

The work will begin once payment has been received or by crediting it by sending the transfer receipt.

Keep in mind that the ideal is to order it at least two weeks in advance, although at times like End of Course, Christmas, Three Kings Day, Father's Day and Mother's Day, etc., it is better a month or month and a half before, since which are times of more workload.

Marina Marisma will confirm the execution and shipping times, depending on the complexity of the requested illustration and the volume of orders, once the payment has been made. In any case, if the client expressly states a specific date and the payment is made, Marina Marisma will do its best to maintain this date, confirming it previously.

Marina Marisma will inform the client of the status of the work during the process, warning of possible delays in production or shipping, which should be considered as part of the artistic and creative process.

Marina Marisma offers fully customized services and products. Therefore, to inform you about the price of the product or service you want, we must first know what your need is. Please contact us at and we will inform you about a budget adjusted to your needs.

Marina Marisma will send a corresponding budget for each illustration that may vary depending on the size, number of people, pets, places and other details that you want to include in the illustration.

In the case of the graduation illustrations, the price will include a single copy per person. If you want more copies you should consult the cost to Marina Marisma.

If you want the illustration in digital format only, only the cost of printing and shipping will be deducted from the price.

Invoices and proforma invoices issued by Marina Marisma will include in all cases the corresponding Value Added Tax (VAT). 

The payment to Marina Marisma is made through Bank Transfer refered to the proforma invoice issued ex profeso prior to the provision of the service or start of production of the illustration. The final invoice will be issued together with the product or service. Details will be provided when there is a business relationship with the client.

Si los productos de la tienda se ajustan a tus necesidades, puedes encargar tu producto directamente comprándolo mediante pago con tarjeta de crédito a través de la tienda y su pasarela de pago. Marina Marisma te enviará la correspondiente factura.

Nuestros productos se envían desde España. Cada pedido es enviado por correo o correo certificado. Tiempos de entrega aproximados desde que se envía el paquete:

  • Spain: 3 - 7 days
  • Europe: 3 - 10 days
  • Rest of the world: 6 - 20 days

We are not responsible for possible delivery delays caused by the courier service.

In the event of an express request from the client to guarantee delivery on the desired date, the CORREOS EXPRESS platform may be used, so the customer must provide the necessary contact information for the successful delivery.

For international customers, you are responsible for any additional customs charges and local taxes, as long as applicable. Please check your local policies and regulations in international packages.  

Keep in mind that the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are not part of the customs territory of the EU, so shipments may be subject to customs taxes and / or tariffs. In most cases, the fees are charged at the time of delivery of the package, although you may receive a notification by mail asking you to go personally to pay those fees in order to receive your package. The amount of fees may vary depending on the weight / amount of the package.

The following Conditions are established:
1. Shipments are made by courier service.
2. Shipping costs include in all cases the Value Added Tax (VAT), but no other taxes, fees, fees or surcharges.
3. Shipping is understood as the delivery of the items at home or address specified by the customer during the ordering process.

Modifications will not be made or admitted except for error or omission, to verify with the information provided at the time of hiring. In case the client wishes modifications on the illustration, they will be valued and billed as a new job. In any case until today all our clients have been very happy with the work, exceeding even their expectations.

If you want the illustration in digital format only, only the cost of printing and shipping will be deducted from the price.

All the services and products of Marina Marisma are completely personalized, so no returns of works, portraits, illustrated borders or personalized illustrations are accepted. They are custom made illustrations and with prior agreement. In any case, all the clients I have had so far have been very satisfied, even exceeding their expectations.

Changes or returns on the sheets are only accepted if they have arrived defective, in which case the buyer must inform Marina Marisma about the intention to make a return to the email, colocando el nombre, la referencia del pedido y una fotografía del producto en mal estado. En este caso se procederá al envío de un nuevo producto, sin realizar reembolso.

Marina Marisma is not responsible for damages that may result from misuse of the artwork.

Cancelar un pedido a Marina Marisma solo es posible si todavía no has enviado la información necesaria para proceder a su elaboración. Ten en cuenta que nuestros productos llevan una gran labor previa de imaginación, por lo que nuestro trabajo no solo es ilustrar, sino imaginar todo un mundo basado en la información que nos cuentas.

En caso de que desees cancelar tu pedido, y si todavía no hemos recibido la información, ponte en contacto conmigo en y procederemos al reembolso de la cantidad que hayas abonado.

All illustrations, texts, icons, and others are protected by intellectual property law. Any misuse can be legally pursued.

We upload photos of the work we do to our social networks and the website itself. If you have not previously informed us of the date on which you will deliver the order, or have an explicit desire for confidentiality, keep in mind that it is possible that after 15 days of receiving the product, we can upload a photo of it. If you do not want the photo to appear, please let us know by writing to

If you use any of Marina Marisma's illustrations, remember to refer to her authorship by facilitating a contact.