This live drawn graphic recoring during the VIII Indie Music Festival Ke Kaña, which also includes an exhibition of art, illustration and photography, of which Marina Marisma was part.

The live drawing tells the story of his genesis, as the original bar called Ke Kaña appears, in which live music concerts were organized, as well as the owners and characters that were
usual there. When this place closed, there was what they called the "Ke Kaña spirit" that has been represented with this ghost that sings and dances of one of the songs that were common there. Thanks to this spirit, the Super 8 Cultural Association was founded, represented by the well-known album of Los Planetas and by the film camera, which is responsible for organizing this cultural activity every year.

The festival spreads with the image of a colorful tetrabrik, also represented in this drawing, and that when the expected date has arrived, it has opened to spill music and art on the sponsors of the event, the beer brand y Jägermeister www.jagermeister.comwho dance under the sound of this music.