We are story sketchers

We listen carefully

We organize the ideas

Let’s draw!


Graphic or visual facilitation consists of using drawings to transmit messages,capture ideas, energize events, by activating our visual thinking. By using this method, the attention and involvement of the attendees is guaranteed, as well as a better permanence in their memory of the topics that have been discussed.


The memory of fellow students, the gift to the teacher, friends, the retirement of the company... all those people who have been part of life, illustrated with the places and activities that represent them.


An image that is like a dreamin which there are moments, places and special people. It is Unique and representative of each person, each couple, each family. Do you want to know how we do it?

vídeos dibujados

The mensaje sencillo y directo que estás buscando para difundir tus servicios, adaptamos completamente las ilustraciones a tus necesidades.