❓What is the Metaverse?

⭐ Parallel Universes of "Experiential Reality" ⭐ i.e. beyond virtual reality...

⭐ Social interactions⭐ ranging from work to leisure, without moving from the sofa, of course, including all the possibilities of Purchase, which leads us to talk about the 🔽

⭐ Monetisation⭐ There is a lot of talk around here about companies that are going in headfirst but also about the new possibilities of deception that are coming our way....

⭐ Interoperability⭐ It is presented as an indispensable requirement of any device, both the usual hardwares, wearables and those to come

⭐ Tangibilisation⭐ To make all this as "real" as possible and allow us the desired interaction, a whole universe of environments to design and avatars to personalise.

⭐ Experimentation⭐  ⭐ It seems to me one of the most encouraging possibilities of this work model: anticipating behaviour in the real world, with the development of prototypes and their study before embarking on their material production. 

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