This is the visual record of the talk by architect Jorge Ponce about the future of the profession. In it he toured the history of architecture, in which the architect went from being a construction architect in the Middle Ages, to an author architect during the Renaissance. Later, in the twentieth century, what he called “star” architect, which I represented with the emblematic glasses of the architect Le Corbusier.

During the second half of the twentieth century this dizzying transition between hand drawing with square and bevel, to computer design with computer programs such as Autocad, both in 2D and 3D, where with abstract and partial information, such as plants, elevations and sections, all kinds of buildings have been built. To this day, when new computer skills and the BIM system force the total definition of the property, in a kind of architectural hyperrealism in which technology gradually replaces certain competences of architects and engineers. The rapporteur raises the question of whether these figures are likely to be completely replaced in a future world of robots.

While architecture is the common place between the scientific, technological world, and the artistic world, (this one much more human and even capricious), it will be this artistic world in which the architect cannot be substituted, and it is therefore recommended to humanize the profession. To do this, several tips for today's architects are given at the conference.

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