Marina, what do you do?



I worked as an architect during more than ten years, and then I was recruited by a Project Management Consultancy.

In that company, I used to attend european workshops with both clients and colleagues

The situation was like this: 50 people, men in suits, women in hills, talking about KPIs… all together in a hotel meeting room, looking at the Power Point.

I have the soul of an artist... and this language was far from my architectural past.

To help myself, I started to draw visualizations about the issues, timings, goals…

The result was that I understood the problems and was capable to explain them to the others.

Do you remember “The little Prince”? This story about the hat, the snake and the elephant, we only need a simple drawing to understand and remember everything.

It was Albert Einstein who said "If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself."


Companies hire me to make information human, attractive and understable..

In the virtual world, I collaborate during webinars drawing the topics in real time , keeping the audience engaged and making a final picture.

Here you can see some samples I have done for Spain, Italy, Mexico, Arab Emirates... and in the picture below, some clients I have worked for

On the other hand, if a Company wants to viralize a message, I make drawn videos

Thanks to an European Program I have attended, I am working with a Czech Company specialized in this service.


You could maybe think that the most difficult about what I do is to draw, but the most difficult is to identify the main ideas, how they are related to each other, and to organize the information, making it understable!

For this reason among others, I was awarded by the “Companies Association” as the Entrepreneur of the Year 2020..

Drawings are quick and simple. As Picassosaid: “ It took me a whole life learn to draw as a kid does”

I am Marina MarismaVisual thinker and Story Sketcher

If you're curious to see the video in English, you can watch it at this link


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