Marina, what do you do?



I worked as an architect during more than ten years, and then I was recruited by a Project Management Consultancy.

In that company, I used to attend european workshops with both clients and colleagues

The situation was like this: 50 people, men in suits, women in hills, talking about KPIs… all together in a hotel meeting room, looking at the Power Point.

I have the soul of an artist... and this language was far from my architectural past.

To help myself, I started to draw visualizations about the issues, timings, goals…

The result was that I understood the problems and was capable to explain them to the others.

¿Recuerdas de “El Principito”? La historia sobre el sombrero, la serpiente y el elefante: Sólo necesitamos un simple dibujo para entender y recordar todo.

It was Albert Einstein quien dijo “Si no puedes explicárselo a un niño de seis años, no lo entiendes tú mismo”


Companies hire me to make information human, attractive and understable..

In the virtual world, I collaborate during webinars drawing the topics in real time , keeping the audience engaged and making a final picture.

Here you can see some samples I have done for Spain, Italy, Mexico, Arab Emirates... and in the picture below, some clients I have worked for

On the other hand, if a Company wants to viralize a message, I make drawn videos

Thanks to an European Program I have attended, I am working with a Czech Company specialized in this service.


You could maybe think that the most difficult about what I do is to draw, but the most difficult is to identify the main ideas, how they are related to each other, and to organize the information, making it understable!

For this reason among others, I was awarded by the “Companies Association” as the Entrepreneur of the Year 2020..

Drawings are quick and simple. As Picasso: “Me costó toda una vida aprender a dibujar como un niño “

I am Marina MarismaVisual thinker and Story Sketcher

If you're curious to see the video in English, you can watch it at this link