This is the graphic recording of the advice that Mr. Vicente Muñoz Aranda gave attendees to his conference on financing, within the entrepreneurship program promoted by the CEOE in Guadalajara. Since this is always a tricky topic for entrepreneurs, the speaker explained how it is more advisable to be a "cockroach" in the world of entrepreneurship, since they survive almost every type of catastrophe, than aspire to be a "unicorn", a company valued at more than one billion dollars.

He explained how the entrepreneur's mind is capable of generating new ideas, and, however, how the money to carry these ideas out quickly disappears. He therefore warned of the risk of involving friends and family, not involving them beyond what they can, since these new projects can be generated, but the family is forever.

He advised with several examples to be very aware of what is signed, and recommended not to compromise the home itself. Also, be aware of the interests of potential investors, and, like them, to know in detail all the rules of the business game.

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