This is the graphic recording of the conference in which Dr. María Teresa Arredondo explained the nutritional inequality that currently exists on the planet, with countries whose citizens hardly cover basic food needs, and others where obesity due to overfeeding and improper feeding is a serious health problem.

The solution involves the nutritional education of all inhabitants, not a timely education, but throughout life, "from cradle to grave" where healthy living habits are intrinsic to the lives of people.

That's wh you have to start educating from childhood. He pointed out, eye, that for example in Spain one in three children suffer from obesity. In educating children, a large part of society, their families, parents, grandparents, and the educational community are involved.

The proposal of the research group led by Arredondo goes through the gamification of the process, treating it as a game, taking advantage of “the internet of things” and current technologies to monitor and set goals in children's nutrition, identified in this proposal as ninjas.

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