The power of visual thinking

We offer visual thinking workshops adapted to the needs of each company, organisation, university, etc., that requests them.

Participamos gráficamente en la sesión para activar el pensamiento visual y utilizarlo como herramienta contribuyendo a los procesos de pensamiento de los equipos de trabajo, workshops, reuniones, didáctica…


We capture the concepts and ideas, relating and connecting them


Any concept can be communicated thanks to the use of simple drawings, we make the complex simple.


We favor the involvement of the attendees with what is happening at the moment. Thanks to real-time drawing we contribute to debate, uninterrupted attention, participation, dialogue and exchange of opinions.


We facilitate the understanding and connection of ideas, since we connect with both hemispheres of the brain, with creativity and emotional memory, but also with synthesis, logical and abstract thinking.


You've nailed. I have been watching the drawing for a while and I have realized that I could understand everything without reading or watching a video.

Roberto Lázaro
Director at GardenView

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