January 13rd. The day I died

And the day I was born again.

I died 5 years ago today.

And that I was born again 🌸.

Often, the wonderful people I'm meeting, clients, collaborators... ask me what made me start a business. I usually answer that it was motherhood, that it wasn't until I had my 4 month old baby in my arms that I was aware of the difficulties of conciliation.

But the motherhood that led me to the world of entrepreneurship (I only became aware of this much later) was another: I was 3 months pregnant, and as happens to many other women (despite it being a taboo subject even today), I suffered a miscarriage. I had taken advantage of Christmas to tell my family about the pregnancy, including my grandfather who was 90 years old at the time and who never really understood what had happened. So at the first moment I don't know if I felt a little sad, or perhaps overwhelmed at having to break the news and sadden my loved ones, family, friends and colleagues who had been so happy.

But a "series of catastrophic misfortunes" kept me from getting too sad..... Without going into too much detail I'll sum it up by saying that it got complicated, I bled to death and ambulance, 3 syncopes and an operating theatre later, until well into the morning, I was stable.

And then I was anxious to go back to work, of course, because "who's going to solve it if I'm not there?" I had to wait two months, two months!, on sick leave to return to the office.

We often talk about valuing the little things. I was 34 years old and I could hardly go for a short walk. Have you ever missed the fact that there are benches in the streets every 20 or 50 metres?

Suddenly, I needed to do all the things I never "had time" to do, what if today was my last day, what would be my "legacy"? I started exercising to strengthen myself (sport and me...oil and water...), devouring literary classics, painting, painting, painting, drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing...and walking. Stopping to listen to the river. There is a bench in front of a small waterfall, here in Alcalá. It's perfect. To walk in the February sun, in the morning, as much as the iron in my blood would allow me... When you go into the office while it's still dark, and you come out at night, you don't feel the warm sun and the cool February breeze on your face.

That's freedom.

Entrepreneurship gave me the opportunity to manage my own time, developing projects in which I am indispensable, because they are born from my mind and my hand, in which art is the protagonist but so are logic, synthesis and communication, projects in which I contribute human value to society.

I confess that, once again, I don't go for a walk in the morning... I add it to the list of resolutions...

Esta es mi historia, pero también es la historia de por qué emprenden las mujeres.

Si quieres saber cómo me reinventé puedes verlo here y si quieres ver algunos ejemplos de cómo contribuyo al mundo, también puedes verlo aquí.